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Finding Home Business Ideas In Your Own Life by Michelle Waters -  
For some moms, one of the hardest parts of starting an online business is finding the right idea. There are mothers looking for a way to create an original home based business every day and the internet provides a ready customer base for good ideas that are marketed well. The challenge facing these would-be entrepreneurs is in finding the good idea.  

Create Your Own Niche A common mistake made by new website owners is trying to be all things to all people. On the internet, generalization is best left to large corporations who have the staff and advertising budget to make their wide product offering work for them. Specialization is where a small internet business owner can really shine.  

Look Inside Yourself and Your Situation Ask yourself what small niches you inhabit. Are you a mom with a special needs child? What do you wish you had or which you knew to make that easier? Are you multi-cultural?

Does your sub culture have lots of choices when it comes to shopping, services and information?  

Solve A Problem If you're thinking about creating a business selling homemade diapers, for example, examine the market and see if you can't spot an under represented niche that needs attention. Take a look at your own experiences and make a list of the items that you wish you had for your newborn.

Some very interesting and innovative baby products have been introduced to the market by a work at home mom.  

Other mothers will reach into their household cash and spend it with you when you show them how your product makes their life easier or saves them money. What have you created for yourself that could be marketed to others? This doesn't have to be a fancy new diaper bag or nursing necklace, although there is always a market for something that improves on the old stand by. Perhaps what you have to offer others isn't a product, it could be information Louis Vuitton outlet.  

Provide Information On A Specific Topic You could write an eBook on how you helped your kindergartner stop wetting the bed or how you provided healthy, delicious, non-boring meals for a family of four on less than fifty dollars a week. (Sell me that one will you?)  

The deeper you dig, the better the nugget you might find.

Just realize that you're not looking for a huge market, you're looking for a responsive one post by haiyan902. Bring your solution to the people who need it and you will be on your way to success.


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(Part 8) - How To Make Sale After Sale After Sale After Sale - For Ever ! by David Newman  
RUN CONTESTS & SPECIAL OFFERS :- How do I do that you may ask Louis Vuitton Canada? Consult your favouirite search engine - a goldmine of information - check out Contests & Special Offers run by other businesses & get a feel for as contest or a special offer you can use to promote your own business oe create the idea & then wirk on its production.

DEDICATE AT LEAST 30 Minutes EACH DAY TO YOUR BUSINESS :- This is self explanatory, of course,, but I did want to include it. If you're an online entrepreneur, even part time, your need to set aside at least 30 minutes each day. In order to grow your business, you have to invest in it. Although you may not have much cash to invest, you can always find time.... and that's more valuable than money. Plus, after all the topics discussed in this article, there's plenty of time needed to get your business on the right track. So take some time each day and use it wisely towards marketing and promotion. In the long run, it will pay you back 1000 fold!

SIGN UP 4 MARKETING & AUCTION NEWSLETTERS :- Many entrepreneurs don't take advantage of the WEALTH of information available online... FREE! There are so many knowledgeable and successful people online willing to share their trials and errors and discuss what they've learned with you. Take advantage of it ! There are literally thousands of newsletters available to you just related to auction sales and marketing online. Take some time to research a few and sign up for some of them. Read each one you subscribe to... keep those you like... and dump those you don't. You'll come away with a lot of tips and resources you never knew existed. Running an online business is a constant learning experience. (I know from experience that I learn something new each and every day.) You should never stop trying to learn new and clever ways to promote you business to ultimately make more profits. That's the bottom line... PROFIT!

CREATE A SUGGESTION BOX FOR CUSTOMER FEEDBACK :- The more you know about what customers are saying about your business, the more you can improve on your overall performance. It's just you against the world... so find out what the world has to say. Put a questionnaire or feedback form on your website and find out what your customers like and dislike about your business. Offer a free gift to your customers (it could be as simple as a free report to download), for taking the time to fill out your survey. Their feedback could generate a lot more income for you. Take this example... Let's assume you consistently sell 20 products a day on your website. Great! - You're happy with that as a part time income. You're making an extra $100 a day from your site and there doesn't seem to be any issues you need to address. Heck, 20 orders a day.... you must be doing things perfectly...right? Then, one day, you decide to place a small feedback form on your website. You have someone design the form to pop up when someone exits your website (remember... you need to be creative with your pop ups and forms or their virtually useless). Over the next few weeks, you noticed that a lot of customers are filling out the feedback form (to get your free download about "How to create adorable stuffed animals out of old pillow cases") and many of them have mentioned that they were about to purchase something from you but couldn't figure out the shipping charges so they simply left your site.

Now remember post by haiyan902... you're still getting 20 orders a day consistently. If you hadn't placed that form on your site, you'd never know this was an issue. You're still VERY happy getting your 20 consistent orders daily. But now that you've discovered there may be a problem with how customers find their shipping rates, you decide to address that problem and put a link to a shipping rate chart.

Chances are, once you take care of the issue, those 20 orders a day will soon increase to 50 in no time. And just think about it... You would've never known there was a concern if you didn't reach out and talk to your customers.

Without knowing what issues or concerns your customers have... you can't fix a problem! Therefore, you're leaving profits on the table for someone else (A SUPER SALESPERSON) to steal right out from under you. Offer Contests And Freebies - People browsing the Internet like to get involved. The Internet feels like a giant community to many. They are very willing to enter drawings and contests if they feel they're legitimately run and they realistically have a chance to win something. A great way to capture a visitor's email address (and we know how important that is) is to offer a contest where something FREE will be given away. Having said that, when it comes to contests, people won't enter a contest unless they are going to receive something substantial, something of VALUE! You can't run a contest and offer a free "How To Download". That just won't cut it. - You have to offer a REAL prize. I'm sure if you brainstorm a bit you'll come up with some great ideas. Again, use your own cleverness... And Do Things Ethically! Be sure to add a "PREVIOUS WINNERS" page on your site so that new entrants can view previous winners. This will also add legitimacy to your contest. Also, be sure to present the contest rules clearly on your site so everyone entering can read and agree to the terms. Stay Tuned.

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Tips and Tricks on Using Twitter for Business by Anton Pearce  
Micro-blogging through Twitter is a popular way to market your business. Since both small and large businesses can use it, it levels the marketing playing field. Here's how you can increase your customer's presence on Twitter.

Here are four tips to use your Twitter account effectively. Following other Twitter accounts that are in your target demographic will help you get an idea of what the conversation is. Then you need to post updates about your company, brand or product. As with any online medium, you want to be very careful to never spam any of your followers. Lastly, make sure that you follow successful online marketers, and look for other participants who are in your industry.

First Build and Account for Twitter Marketing

The first thing that you should do is to set up your Twitter account and populate it with several interesting Tweets, which are Twitter posts. Then begin following people who are also using Twitter, and you will find that most people will follow back post by haiyan902. When your entire Twitter feed has blanks, though, most people will not bother to follow you. Once you start a micro blog post, you can get on with following any target demographic, and this can be done in either of two different ways.

1. Go to Twitter.com and do a search by typing in keywords that relate to the demographic that you are targeting. For example, if you are trying to sell an application for the iPhone, you would enter the keyword 'iPhone' or 'iPhone app' or anything that may find people who own an iPhone. It's easy to follow people. If your posts are interesting and relevant, you will probably pick up some followers this way.

2. Use 'Find People' to locate other Twitter accounts you want to follow. Then enter your keywords, related industries, locations or other defining detail to locate followers, and begin following them.

Twitter Marketing Uses Current Information

By adding news that is interesting and relevant about your services or product, you can keep your Tweets current. You can also add information about related news for your industry to keepTweets interesting and informative. For example, if you sell cooking gadgets, you may want to post news about food and recipes.

As you work on developing your targeted demographic, you need to keep your followers engaged, so you will want to tweet, or post, often. Make sure to retweet relevant tweets from other Twitter followers. This is another great way to pick up new followers, and when they start to follow you, you also are plugged into their followers. Retweeting is one of the fastest ways to build your following or network.

By checking with the search.twitter.com frequently you can look for brand names and see what customers are saying. You can follow these Twitter accounts and thank them Louis Vuitton outlet. You can address customers who are angry or dissatisfied by following them on Twitter. Then you can retweet them and solicit solutions to the problem. Your customers will be thrilled with the feedback from you, and even more thrilled when you rectify the situation. Twitter makes it easy to grow a 'word of mouth' reputation virally.

Twitter Marketing and Spam Do Not Mix

Spam in any electronic media is the kiss of death. If you begin spamming your followers, they will drop you like a hot potato. Whatever you do, don't spam your followers. Spamming includes tweeting the same URL over and over, annoying Twitter handles, frivoulous tweets, and only posting information on your own products. Twitter followers are savvy consumers, and anything deceptive or patronizing is going to leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Twitter Marketing Can Assess the Competition

If you want to build a quality following, then follow quality people on Twitter. There are many online marketers that are experts on Twitter like Dave Peck, Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki, and they should definitely be included in your list on Twitter. Also look for corporations that are active on Twitter. They are blazing a trail with their marketing, and you can get good marketing information from them.

Make sure you check out your competition. See how they are going about increasing their own following on Twitter. If you want to be a smart marketer online, then you need to constantly be aware of what your competition is doing out in cyberspace. You have a huge marketing opportunity if they rarely post on Twitter, never retweet, or attend to negative posts.

Twitter Marketing Requires Patience

When you are using Twitter as part of your Internet marketing plan, you need to give it time to work. Twitter results take a while to appear, because it is one of the more long-term strategies. You will have to build up your networks and following, and if you use the correct strategies, it will happen in a timely manner. However, do not start a Twitter campaign if you are not going to see it through to completion, because an unattended Twitter account is worse than no account at all.

Once you have built a good Twitter following, then you want to market with a gentle touch. Instead of using 'in your face' marketing tactics, pose a question where your product or service is the answer. Tweet that there are updates on your company's blog instead of trying to cram the information into your tweet, and people that want to know more will click through to your blog.

Always resond when your followers tweet you. If you do not keep up with your following, it will begin to crumble. If you have too large of a following to maintain, then outsource your retweets or assign an employee to monitor and reply to your followers.

Twitter is an interactive marketing tool, and because of this it is valuable in two ways. While it is instrumental in getting your message out, it is also hugely helpful in taking the pulse of your customers. So make sure that your Twitter marketing efforts start strong and more importantly stay strong.

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Prosperity Cast Network.. post by haiyan902. What Are The Experts Saying by Jacob Hyten  
Systems like CCP and Prosperity Cast Network have exploded in popularity and can offer substantial returns in a relatively short time frame.

This is why Prosperity Cast Network and CCP have gained so much attention lately. One way these programs differ is they offer high-ticket items for direct sales, which gives the entrepreneur a chance to make substantial money right away. With proper marketing and mentoring a new entrepreneur in CCP & Prosperity Cast Network can earn upwards of $5,000 to $10,000 his first month ore more. However, most home-based business owners are not well versed in the techniques and strategies that will make their marketing efforts successful.

The learning curve for traditional marketing programs can be very steep and can cost quite a lot. However, many upfront commissions in home-based marketing programs amount to less than $50 per sale. To start, many people can find that their expenses are far outweighing their profits. However, programs like CCP & Prosperity Cast Network create a commission structure that lets people make larger commissions up front, so that their profits come to them a lot faster.

High-ticket direct sales programs usually have start up costs of $500-$7000. In some cases, they can even top the scales and $10,000. However, most businesses don't find many takers at that price range, since most people can't afford that kind of upfront outlay. The most popular programs start at about $1500 such as CCP & Prosperity Cast Network. This type of outlay produces substantial immediate commissions, which lets most entrepreneurs easily cover start up costs so that they can remain in the black.

Most Internet network marketers don't last long enough to actually start making "residual income." In fact, most new representatives drop out of programs within about 90 days. This isn't long enough to see results, and of course, residual income is income that usually trickles in at relatively small amounts over a long period of time. Because of this, new representatives don't make enough profits to cover costs upfront so that they can remain in business over the long haul. This is where direct sales programs like CCP & Prosperity Cast Network differ, because instead of using these types of residual payment plans, the representative is paid directly and up front all at once by the customer and the parent company takes care of customer service and product fulfillment. Most people if given the choice to have $1000 upfront or receive it as residual income over 2 years would pick the upfront money for obvious reasons which is why CCP & Prosperity Cast Network have become so successful.

Because programs like CCP & Prosperity Cast Network let new representatives make big enough commissions up front so that they can sustain their own business, this motivates them to commit to building their business. Because home-based entrepreneurs are put in a positive profit position, they can take their time and build a business the right way, while staying in the black and receiving profits. Representatives should be able to make money very soon in CCP & Prosperity Cast Network, which doesn't happen in the usual home-based business programs.

One of the reasons experts are speculating CCP & Prosperity Cast Network are growing so quckly is because their automated system are like no other in the industry. Most people get hung up on the follow up and closing of their own prospects, citing the inability to "CLOSE" as their major reason for failure. CCP has apparently eliminated this situation because once a person goes through the system and fills in their information A professional follows up and closes the prospect for the entrepreneur. This means the new person gets to let professionals close his prospects and leads for him. This may be the reason CCP has been growing at an amazing rate. It is unclear as of yet if Prosperity Cast Network will use a similar closing system. It should much easier because CCP is the industry leader and has perfected the system.

Of course, just because CCP & Prosperity Cast Network has a great system does not mean it is easy and the entrepreneur can sit on his butt and make truckloads of cash, but the ability to make profits much faster than with traditional marketing is still much easier. What you must do is apply the power of the CCP and Prosperity Cast Network system with consistency.

And while you might think that the price tag of higher-ticket programs like CCP and Prosperity Cast Network will deter customers, truly interested prospects won't be deterred. Most educated entrepreneurs already know that opening any sort of traditional business usually dwarfs the costs of systems like CCP and Prosperity Cast Network and even worse is the fact that it often takes many months to realize a profit whereas systems like CCP and Prosperity Cast Network can generate substantial money immediately.

In closing one thing to mention that may be more important than even the particular program you join is choosing the right mentor Louis Vuitton Canada. Unfortunately most people's success lies to a large degree on the person that is mentoring and training them. Finding a mentor that offers something that other representatives are not is the best thing a new person could do to ensure success. Finding a mentor that is doing something that others are not within the CCP or Prosperity Cast Network system can mean the difference between $5,000 a month and $20,000 to $40,000 a month.


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Invest in Your Salvation by Charrissa Cawley  
Are you constantly on the lookout for the perfect investment property that will yield immediate dividends, will provide long-term benefits, and will consistently increase in value? As real estate investors, this is exactly the sort of value we strive for. However, economic times are tough, and life for many people is getting increasingly difficult. I want to discuss an investment that will pay huge dividends today with the promise of much greater returns in the not-so-distant future.

Everyone realizes that theyre only going to live for a certain period of time. They buzz through life, amassing all the material things they can so they can ensure a comfortable retirement. What then?

Then comes retirement and if theyve played their cards right and invested wisely, they can while away their remaining years in relative comfort, jet-setting around the globe, enjoying new experiences, and generally enjoying their retirement years.

What then?

Have you given any thought to where youll spend eternity Louis Vuitton handbags?

A lot of real estate investors would rather not delve into trying to answer this question because theres always one more deal to close, another property theyd like to investigate, another quick sale theyd rather make.

The reality is: Were all terminal. None of us is going to live forever, so instead of wondering about whats going to happen when you die, educate yourself and make a decision that will ensure eternal returns.

There is a simple investment you can make today that will have a profound impact on your future. Im referring to your salvation. Its the best investment youll ever make. Look at the benefits and then tell me if you agree.

Its a no money down deal In real estate investing, the best deals are those that allow you to leverage your investment. By investing in your salvation today, you can ensure your eternal salvation without a hefty down payment, banks, hard money loans, or financing of any kind. As a matter of fact, your financial standing has absolutely no impact on your ability to ensure your eternal salvation. When youve inked your last real estate deal and its time to cash in your chips, the money you have will not matter post by haiyan902. What will matter is whether you had the wisdom and the faith to reap the eternal rewards by taking just a couple of quick and easy steps.

Its a cash-free transaction Regardless of the deal you can negotiate with even the most motivated seller, youre either going to have to pay for a property investment with cash or youre going to have monthly payments and interest charges to contend with for however long youve financed a property. Investing in your salvation doesnt require monthly payments. Furthermore, theres no note to sign.

Its a tax-free transaction While politicians of all political stripes make promises they seldom fully live up to, theres one thing you can count on: Eventually, you have to pay the piper. The best Uncle Sam can offer you is to defer taxes but at some point either you or your descendents will have to pony up some money to the government. Your eternal salvation has no hidden taxes or punitive tax rates. The best part? You can reap the rewards of eternal life without fear of a change in the rules of the game and theres nothing the government can do to stop you or restrict the benefits.

The benefits never end Most tax write-offs are only available for a certain period of time or if youre willing to jump through an endless set of government hoops. If you dont toe the line, the government can yank your tax benefits or even increase your taxes anytime they like. Your eternal salvation is just what the phrase suggests: ETERNAL salvation.

Your eternal salvation is serious business with eternal implications. We will all live forever. The question isnt if youll live forever. That one has already been settled. The real question is WHERE will you live forever? You may think you can simply defer thinking about this for a rainy day. You may think that a place like Hell doesnt exist. What if youre wrong?

What then?

Ive made an investment in my eternal salvation. I KNOW where Im going when I die. Do you? If you dont or you havent given it much more than a passing thought I strongly urge you to think about it a lot in the coming days and weeks.

Eternity is a long time.

Invest wisely.

Your eternal salvation is yours for the taking today. You have to have faith in the investment and a strong belief with every fiber of your being that the investment is the right one. In this case, youre not simply relying on the word of a motivated seller who will say anything to close a real estate transaction. Because in this case, the seller is Almighty God. He isnt motivated by the hope of a quick buck in a hot real estate market. Hes motivated by love.

When you step into eternity, make sure youre stepping into the right eternity. Invest today in your eternal salvation. Imagine for a moment how youll feel when you do and youre greeted warmly and shown to your Golden Palace for all of eternity.

What then?


Eternal bliss.

Make your investment today.

Charrissa Cawley has a long standing reputation for excellence as a gifted speaker, real estate trainer and wealth coach. Her strength lies in training entrepreneurs in the areas of real estate, investing and financial literacy. Her passion is bridging the gap between learning and doing. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world seeking financial growth by equipping them with the tools, resources and specialized knowledge to succeed. Charrissa offers accurate and proven strategies to investors of all different levels and is the founder of , one of the fastest growing real estate investment training organizations in the US in addition to , the top rated Real Estate Investor Community on the web today.


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