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Student Loan Consolidation  
Why Consolidate Your Student Loans?It's January of your senior year and time to start thinking about all those loans you took to help pay for college. Between Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans and all the rest, between subsidized and unsubsidized you begin to realize that a year from now you will have run out of grace period and have to start paying back all those loans. You're going to be paying back eight different loans at eight different interest rates and eight terms. It's time to start thinking about a student consolidation loan.    A student consolidation loan could be worth it just to simplify your repayment schedules. But more importantly, if you can get a loan with a lower interest rate than you are paying on your school loans, then you can save yourself some money. If the consolidation loan extends the length of your student loan payback term, then it may have the addedbenefit of lowering the monthly payment now (when you aren't making a large salary). You can always increase your payments as your salary grows.How to Consolidate Your Student LoansAfter deciding to consolidate your student loans, the next step is to figure out how to go about it. You may have several choices of lenders, and what you choose could affect the amount you ultimately pay. Choose carefully. The Department of Education provides the Federal Direct Consolidation Loans Program. Numerous states have student consolidation loans, some for your federal loans and others for your state loans  
<a href="http://www.onlinebagclub.com/">Louis Vuitton handbags</a>. Then there are private lenders offering consolidation loans as well. You might first check with your current loan providers to see what they have to offer. They may have a better deal for current customers. Federal Direct Consolidation LoansFederal Direct Consolidation Loans are run by the US Department of Education and provide a means to combine multiple Federal loans into one. You can apply online for the Federal Direct Program by visiting the website at https://loanconsolidation.ed  
<a href="http://www.onlinebagclub.com/">Louis Vuitton Canada</a>.gov/appentry/appindex.html.State Student Consolidation LoansSeveral states offer consolidation loans as part of their education loan programs. Check with your state to see if they have a loan consolidation program  
<a href="http://www.onlinebagclub.com/">Louis Vuitton bags</a>.Private Student Consolidation LoansPrivate loans can not be consolidated under the Federal Direct Plan. If you can't qualify for the federal and state student loan consolidation programs because you have private loans, there are many lenders who make private consolidation loans available to students. Check with your own lenders first to see if they have a consolidation program.

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How is learning Chinese writing different from learning a Western language? In the modern Chinese writing system, each character is aform of its own, representing a particular sound and atleast one meaning.In other words, each Chinese symbol isa unity of form, sound and meaning Louis Vuitton.To learn Chinese writing, you need to know each Chinese symbol or character individually.You will need a vocabulary of at least 3,000characters to understand 90% of what you read.A vocabulary of 4-5,000 characters allows you to understandalmost everything written in Chinese in the moderncontext.Although there are more than 60,000 characterslisted in the largest Chinese dictionaries most of them areancient symbols and no longer in use.Only a very small proportion of Chinese characters- some 300, perhaps- are simple representations of natural objects; all others are composite signs.Each sign generally has two components:a graphic component (which represent a man, woman, treeetc.) and a phonetic component, which gives some idea ofthe pronunciation.Learning Chinese writing is quite different from learning a Western language.To learn a Western language like English, you need to know a whole series of sounds.If you take an English word apart, separating it into its many phonetic syllables, it would lose its meaning altogether.In learn Chinese writing, you first learn the characters and then you learn the word.Take, for instance, the Chinese word da4 xue2 大学which means "university". First you learn da4 �big� andxue2 �school; learn� separately.Although the meaning of da xue has to do with da and xue, it is not a simple case of da �big� plus xue �school�.It does not mean "big school" post by haiyan902.If you were to take the English word �university�and try to figure out its meaning based on the meanings ofthe five syllabic components u/ni/ver/sit/ty, you would notunderstand anything because they mean nothing.So, the Chinese character forms the basis in learning Chinese writing whereas the word or sentence forms the basis for learning a Western language.In Chinese writing, the symbol is the unit carrier of meaning whereas in English it is the word which serves the same purpose.Chinese characters are essentially pictures and they appeal to the eye Louis Vuitton Canada.In comparison, Western letters and words are based onsound rather than sight.

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Got a Small Business? Choose the Right Domain Name Choosing a domain name can be daunting. Research the subject (after all, you're the type of marketer who researches, right?) and you'll be hit with a landslide of opinions, most contradictory. There is, however, two points that everyone agrees on:Pick your domain before you launch your business.This is especially true if your market niche has lots of competition. Research your domain before you commit to a business plan.Don't wait too long if you like a domain.While you're researching, you'll likely come across a couple of domains that attract you. You might be tempted to wait, since you haven't finalized or refined your business plan. Don't. A handful of domains isn't going to cost you much at an affordable registrar like GoDaddy, and once they're gone, they're gone. Chances are you can even resell the rejects at cost, if not a profit. Or "develop" them with unique content and point them to your main site for extra traffic.Now that we have the easy part of the way, let's wade into murkier waters.Q. Which TLD (top-level domain) is best?A. If you're a juggernaut in the business world with a giant ad budget, the answer is dot-com (.com). If you're a smalltime business struggling for search engine positioning, the answer is still dot-com.People do disagree on the value of a dot-com TLD. Some assert that dot-coms have no particular value in the search engines, which may be true.However, the fact is, if you haven't yet seared your brand on the collective brow of the planet, dot-com makes you easier to remember. If you eschew dot-coms, then in some deep dark place inside, people will remember you as "that hard-to-remember URL with the ending that isn't dot-com." What's worse, if you pick an otherwise memorable domain ending in dot-net, -us, or (God forbid) -tv, some of your traffic will end up at that competitor who snagged the dot-com version of your domain.�Okay, that's settled. Now for the controversial stuff. Which is best: the "keyword" domain, or the "creative-genius, snappy and brandable" domain?Keyword Name vs. Creative-Genius Brandable NameA Keyword Name is the boring, workhorse kind of domain. You seem them everywhere. They bristle with hyphens: "best-anchovy-pizza-in-siberia.com." Or "super-labrador-accessories-and-golfballs.biz." On the face of it, they're hard to brand. They're hard to fit on business cards. They're really hard to explain over the phone to Aunt Martha.On the other hand, a Creative-Genius Brandable Name is the sexy kind of domain. The successes are sparkling: Yahoo!, Google, Amazon.com. You can shout these URLs across the room and the other guy will probably get it right. But note: the dot-com road is littered with hip, snappy business who failed to brand their product successfully, or get listed high in the search engines. Now their URLs all point to the same page: "server not found �"The debate rages on, but the first question you must ask yourself is:How will people find YOU?It was recently reported that "direct navigation" web traffic has started to outnumber search engine traffic. In other words, more people visit sites by typing in the URL directly than they do by combing search engines for results. So more gurus are recommending �brandable' domains.But think about this. As a small business owner, how will people find you? Word of mouth? Billboards on I-95? "Corporate sponsorships" on hockey arenas? Probably not: they'll find you through search engines. They'll type in "cheap purple widgets," and as a smart marketer, you will offer them a website optimized for the keywords "cheap purple widgets." Still, this doesn't imply you should automatically pick a keyword domain. There are pros and cons to both types.BRANDABLE: ADVANTAGESThe brandable domain is great for business cards. In fact, it's nearly compulsory if you're planning on offline marketing. In other words, if you're printing up stationary at Kinkos, you want a brandable domain name.If you're also a marketing genius, this is a fit challenge for your talents Louis Vuitton outlet. Finding a memorable, apt domain to brand your business is something no software-driven suggestion tool can do. Most "hybrid" domains -- ones that are really crosses between keywords and brandable names -- are long gone. But if you create a unique idea for your brand, you can probably snag the dot-com name for yourself. Now all you have to do is burn that brand onto the world's collective forehead. If you do, you'll benefit from type-in traffic. That means that if someone hears about you, they can probably find you just buy typing in your domain.BRANDABLE: DISADVANTAGESThe brandable name requires solid marketing skill, research and luck. Your name should be so catchy, it's almost viral. It should also convey your actual business � or you'll have to work hard (often meaning, spend money) to associate the two. Your name should be "tested" on coworkers, cousins and dishwasher repairmen to ensure it has no undesirable connotations. Finally, your name should be available as a domain, and not suffer from competitors with similar domains. Sometimes, pulling all this off is difficult.KEYWORD: ADVANTAGESBy keyword names, we're not talking about the glorious generic keywords � the one-keyword kings such as drugs.com or business.com. No, we're talking keyword names you can afford.This is where you buy the domain name in hopes of getting a top search ranking for cheap purple widgets post by haiyan902.Advantages are many. First, more keyword names are available. (They're ugly, and many people feel an aversion to hyphens.) Also, they do help you place higher in the search engines. It's true that search engines only give you a little credit for having a keyword in your domain, but "a little credit" counts.Second, keyword domains leave no doubt in the searcher's mind about what you're selling. If you decided to call your widget business "Ableeza," a searcher might not get at a glance what it is you're selling, even if your rank is high.Finally, if you can get people to link to you, those links will be valuable. No matter how Webmaster Joe describes you, the link part will always say, "cheap-purple-widgets." This is a powerful search engine strategy for moving higher.KEYWORD: DISADVANTAGESYou won't get type-in traffic for a keyword name. You can't really explain it across a phone. It won't look pretty on a business card, and it's almost impossible to pair up with a cute logo. But if search engine traffic is going to drive your business, the keyword name is worth a long, hard look.WRAP-UPRegardless of which type you choose, don't play guessing games. If you go with a keyword name, use a search tool (like conversion.7search.com/scripts/advertisertools/keywordsuggestion.aspx) to determine what keyword phrases people are searching on.If you choose a brandable name instead, test it out on a variety of real people first Louis Vuitton Canada. Pay attention to their reactions. Reserve your domain early, since brandable domains go fast unless they're very unique.In the long run, both types of domains can work for you, especially if offline marketing is an option and you have a knack for branding. Overall, though, the keyword domain is probably the easiest path to success for the small-business owner.

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Clickbank Security Using PHP Here's a way to protect the products you sell with Clickbank, using their built-in protection and by implementing a 30-day expiration, all without having to worry about managing databases or customer lists.THE FIRST STEPFirst of all, Clickbank protection is decent as it is. If you want to keep your customers from passing the thank you page URL around to friends, there are a couple of things you can do.Login to your Clickbank account: /login.htmlAt the top there's a link that says "Click HERE to modify your account". Click on the link.On this page there are two links at the top, but one says "Click HERE to modify your account." Click on this one.You should be at the page that allows you to edit the prices of all your Clickbank products. Scroll down to the bottom where it says:Secret key (up to 16 letters & digits)You should see a text box here. If it's empty, choose a secret key, type it in and remember it. It can be anything you want, but it should be different than your Clickbank password."COOKIE CUTTER" TOOLSIf you've looked around the Clickbank site you'd know that Clickbank offers some friendly pieces of code in a few different programming languages like Perl and PHP that can help you protect your downloads. Basically this is what happens:* Your order link contains what's called a "seed". This is just a word or a piece of text, which can be anything you want.* Your customer clicks on the order link and pays.* Clickbank takes that seed, and uses your secret key on it -- basically mashes the two together and does a bunch of crazy stuff to come up with a garbled piece of junk. But this a garbled piece of junk that can ONLY come from this seed and secret key. You change the value of the seed or secret key even a little and this "hash" changes.* The seed and the hash are passed back to the thank you page where your Clickbank script sits. (We have the secret key added to your script, and it never changes, so it doesn't need to be handed to us by Clickbank.) This Clickbank script takes the seed and the secret key and does the same crazy shit Clickbank did to us to compute your own hash.Clickbank calls this their "cbpop" or Clickbank Proof of Purchase.The hash was something we figured out on your own and the hash Clickbank are compared. If they match, we're in business because the customer here really did buy from us.. The customer can't figure this out on his or her own because they never actually saw the secret key. (And no, you can't "reverse" a hash to figure out the original secret key.)If you get nothing out of what I just told you, remember this: it's almost impossible for anyone to figure out the right Proof of Purchase code without that secret key.USING SOMEONE ELSE'S CODEThis is the PHP function they give us:function cbValid($seed, $cbpop, $secret_key) {// A bunch of stuff in here...}This function cbValid takes three parameters: $seed, $cbpop, and $secret_key. The script goes through that last step of ours I explained above, does the crazy shit and then compares the result to the one given to us by Clickbank.Now we need to figure out what to do if your customer really didn't pay. The easiest thing to do, is just stop the script in its tracks, preventing the page under it from loading.if (!cbValid($seed, $cbpop, $secret_key)) die();The exclamation point means "not". We're saying, first try this...cbValid($seed, $cbpop, $secret_key).. pass the seed, proof of purchase, and secret key into your black box. If the function tells us NO, do the rest. In this case, "die". Die stops everything immediately, so if you have HTML or PHP code below that line, it won't be looked at if the Clickbank validation fails.The "proper" way to grab $seed from the query string is this way:if (!cbValid($_GET["seed"], $_GET["cbpop"], $secret_key)) die();You could also redirect the user to an error page of yours if you like:if (!cbValid($_GET["seed"], $_GET["cbpop"], $secret_key)) {header("Location:/tutorials/clickbank/cb.zip" target=new>/tutorials/clickbank/cb.zipSave it, unzip it, and open cb.php. Near the top should be a line such as:$secret_key = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY";Change YOUR_SECRET_KEY to that secret key you set in the Clickbank control panel.Now, for usage... your thank you pages will have to end in .php here. Like, thankyou.php (and now it doesn't matter if they have obvious names or not -- because they'll be thoroughly inaccessible to thieves. Remember, you can simply rename your HTML pages so they end in .php and they'll still work just fine.Put this line at the top of you thank you page script:Be sure to upload cb.php to the same folder as your thank you page. Now, when someone goes to the thank you page, the first thing the thank you script will do is run everything in cb Louis Vuitton outlet.php, and cb.php will take the data Clickbank has passed to see if it matches.You're going to have to change your Clickbank order links a little. This is what they should look like now:/merchant.htm#account will explain everything if you're a Clickbank newbie.COULDN'T THE DOWNLOAD URL, HASH, AND RECEIPT BE SHARED?You can't prevent sharing completely... after all, your customer can always download the file and share the file, not the download URL, to friends. We can do one thing to give these would-be freeloaders a bit of a headache, and that is expiration.Here we can say, 30 days after someone buys your product, the thank you page will be inaccessible to them. If they buy on October 25th, they can bookmark and revisit that thank you page up until November 25th at the exact time they made their purchase. It's kind of a nice compromise because it gives honest people enough time to get what they need but at the same time it becomes impractical to share the URL.In chapter 9 of my book, Simple PHP (), I explained how time works on computers, they use a big number which is just a count of how many seconds have passed since January 1st, 1970. I also explained that there was a function, called strtotime(), which we could use to determine this "number" or timestamp of a certain date. For example, 30 days ago or 1 year ago.30 days sounds about right. To figure out the Unix timestamp of this moment, minus 30 days is:strtotime("-30 days")Now, to store it in a variable called $expire:$expire = strtotime("-30 days");But you're saying, how do I know when these people purchased? I don't have that kind of information. Aha! But you can. Remember, the seed you put in your order links can be anything you want. So let's just make it the timestamp of this exact moment.When the customer revisits the thank you page, they can't change the seed, because as I mentioned, if you change *either* the seed or the secret key, the resulting hash (proof of purchase) will be different. So you see, they're stuck with it. But, the current time always changes!All we have to do, in cb Louis Vuitton handbags.php, are these two steps:* Figure out what the timestamp was exactly 30 days ago, and store this value in $expire.* Compare the seed and $expire. If the the value of the seed is less than that of $expire, it means that the product was purchased more than 30 days ago and the visitor shouldn't be given access to the page. Die.We've already taken care of step one by saving the timestamp 30 days prior in $expire. Now, we compare the seed (it's $_GET["seed"], remember, because we're grabbing it out of the URL string) and $expire like:if ($_GET["seed"] Order NowInstead of YOUR_SEED we want PHP to call the function mktime(), which gives us the current timestamp, and output it, using echo.echo mktime();Now just put around it...And shove it in there.">Order NowNow setup a link for $0.00 in your Clickbank control panel and try it. You can be sure it works by changing that "-30 days" in strtotime to "-5 minutes". Then try accessing the download page, then wait 5 minutes and try again. Neat, isn't it?You say, I've done this, but I have more than one product. How do I keep someone from grabbing everything once they've grabbed one?Have your links look like the following: ">Order NowThis way the seeds will look like "stringbeans445433" if you're selling stringbeans. Then again if you're selling corn on the cob on another sales page, you can change "stringbeans" to "cornonthecob". Now the seeds for each product will be different.Those seeds won't be all numbers, will they? So, in cb.php, do this:$timestamp = ereg_replace("[^0-9]","",$_GET["seed");I won't go into a lot of detail about pattern matching, but the [^0-9] means "NOT anything from 0 to 9 Louis Vuitton bags. It basically goes through every letter and number of $_GET["seed"], and if what's there isn't a 0, 1, 2, etc. it's replaced with nothing (hence the ""). The final result is saved in a variable called $timestamp.Since now we're looking at $timestamp and not $_GET["seed"], let's change that if-statement:if ($timestamp When I extracted the timestamp from the seed, I simply removed all characters that were not numbers, leaving just the numbers contained within that string. Now I want to do the opposite. Here's an example seed:test1074482258I take out all the numbers and am left with "test". Next I figure out which script called cb.php (which is stored in the variable $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]). Then the script takes out everything up to the last slash (/) and everything before the first dot (.). If the script was located at "/clickbank/test.php", all that's left is "test".If you give each thank you page a different name, and make sure all your seeds reflect the correct page, i.e. if your thank you page is called "carrots", the part of that order link containing the seed should appear as:&seed=carrotsIf you don't care how Clickbank's protection works, that's your derogative. Just get the zip file and follow the instructions I've provided in cb.php.As far as scripts that handle several Clickbank products -- I can't recommend any at this time, since I've never across any good ones. (But you should check out Harvey Segal's free site, ClickbankGuide.com, which can answer most of your questions about Clickbank.)Here's that script again in case you missed it: /tutorials/clickbank/cb.zipMake sure to read the instructions I've supplied in cb.php, get everything setup and on your web server, and you'll be well on your way to having bulletproof protection on your Clickbank products.

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Review: Mirror Image Design - free article courtesy of ArticleCity post by haiyan902.com Designing creative artworks can be disastrous if proper tools and techniques are not properly employed. Advanced planning and allocating proper devices as well as materials to use is tantamount to producing a desirable output. A step-by-step outline will help you maximize your results Louis Vuitton. Project. Plan ahead what type of artwork you will be doing. Making a layout of your intended work will minimize a need for extra effort and cost. You will also be able to set time for contingency plans if the steps you take go wrong. Of course the chances of this happening will be greatly minimized Louis Vuitton outlet. Gather. After having made a careful plan, you now are ready to acquire the needed devices and materials needed for your work. If you have made a good outline then you�ll have no problem. Otherwise be ready for Plan B. Just hope this doesn�t happen. Execute. You are now ready to create. Of course appropriate care should be done particularly in following the right method of making the artwork.To further enhance your art experience, a particular software has been developed to aid you in your art endeavor. The Mirror Image Design Studio is a software that makes designing quality products easy and highly accurate. It is a user-friendly tool that enables you to create items like photo calendars, greeting cards, mouse pads, mugs, plaques, t-shirts and many more. With this tool, you are very well equipped and would have made a significant increase in your chances of creating a successful artwork.

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