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The Future of Social Media Marketing � Tips From the Experts by Wendy Suto  
There is no denying that the advent of social media has greatly changed the way companies do business. With online social networking, business blogging and other various aspects of social media, businesses have a new way to connect with customers, promote their brand and grow their company.

It seems these changes in marketing are coming faster than many can keep up with. It is times like these, when we look to the experts for little nuggets of inspiration. In a recent webinar entitled The Future of Marketing Microconference, 60 experts each had one minute to present their fact, opinion, or insight on what they think will bring marketing success both now, and in the near future.  

Here are three key elements that, according to the experts, will have the most impact and the most success on social media marketing.  


If you're involved in the realm of social media marketing, I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Content is King." You may have even had it beaten into your head. You're probably sick of hearing it Louis Vuitton Black Friday. However, what exactly is good content, and how will it help promote your company?  

There is a lot of content out there on the Web. Some of it is quite valuable, but a lot of it is garbage. Unfortunately, you are competing with all of it. How will you stand out and be heard above the noise?

Writing about how great your company is or boasting about your accolades will not engage people and win over new customers. By creating helpful content that engages readers, provides valuable information, or tells a story they can relate to, you will rise above the noise.  

Good content is also content that people will want to share with others. If people share your content, either by sending their friends or colleagues a link to your blog, retweeting your tweets, or telling people about your site, they are promoting for you Louis Vuitton Thanksgiving Day. Essentially, this is free advertising.  

Aside from providing helpful and interesting information, you want to add some personality to your content. Stop being faceless and start being human.

Marketing Strategies:

As mentioned above, if people want to share your content with others, they are advertising for you. Using your customers as a marketing channel is a good way to promote your brand. It might sound a bit devious, but it actually isn't. If people like your product, content, or way you do business, they will want to tell people about it huanghaiyan902 More information please visit: www.onlinebagclub.com. How many times have you dined at a great new restaurant, and immediately recommended it to friends? You probably don't see it as marketing for the company; you see it as introducing your friends to a great place to eat.  

Location-based social media like Foursquare and review sites like Yelp are great ways to market via your customers. If your customers like your product or service they will talk about it on these sites, giving you free promotion. However, the downside is they can spread negative reviews as well. The best way to handle this is to respond to these negative reviews by apologizing. Be sincere and professional - if you attack them you'll just look worse in their eyes and the eyes of others.  

Customer Relations:

Your customers are the heart of your business. Without them, your business would not exist. So how you treat your customers and interact with them is of utmost importance. Gone are the days of advertising at your customers. Now are they days of interacting with them. If there is one common thread that was repeated throughout the webinar, it was that customer relationships are a vital part of social media marketing.

Online social networking gives companies a great way to connect with their customers. Listen to what they have to say and respond in a professional, yet still human, manner. What are the unmet needs of your customers? What do they love about your product or service, and what do they want to see changed?

Building trust is important. However, you can do this by being upfront and honest with your customers, do what you promise, and respond to them in a timely manner. Show that you are human, and not just a brand. And most importantly, treat your customers how you would want to be treated.

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How to be More Competitive in Flyer Printing by Kaye Z. Marks  
There is competition everywhere, even in flyer printing Louis Vuitton Thanksgiving Day. If you want your investment in flyer printing to be worth it, you will need to be a little bit more competitive with how you design and deploy these advertising flyers.  

Be it expensive or cheap flyer printing, the tips below should help you to always be keep ahead with your rivals and be competitive.

� Reader-centric content � One of the first keys to competitive flyer printing is to always remember to develThere is competition everywhere, even in flyer printing. If you want your investment in flyer printing to be worth it, you will need to be a little bit more competitive with how you design and deploy these advertising flyers.  

Be it expensive or cheap flyer printing, the tips below should help you to always be keep ahead with your rivals and be competitive.

� Reader-centric content � One of the first keys to competitive flyer printing is to always remember to develop reader-centric content. By this, I mean that you should always write content that really matters to your target readers. Your content must not be just about why your product/business is good Louis Vuitton Black Friday. It should also include content that helps readers realize why your marketing message should matter to them.

Will the reader save money with your offer? Will they have an easier life? Will it make their tasks easier or will they look better in front of their friends and family? When readers realize the REAL benefits of your offer, then your color flyers will have a big chance of succeeding in its mission. So try to always go for reader-centric content huanghaiyan902 More information please visit: www.onlinebagclub.com.

� Original and highly noticeable designs � Another important key to competitiveness is the presence of an original and highly noticeable design. You will no doubt have noticed today that lots of people are printing their own for advertising. To compete with them all, you must always think of and compose original and highly noticeable designs so that your flyers will look different and distinct from all the rest that floods your market. So take some time and really brainstorm a unique design for your flyers. Try to use unusual colors, unusual images and very original content approaches.

� Durable makeup � It is also important for a competitive flyer to be durable. Most will usually be exposed to a variety of environments that will slowly damage them and make them look old. To keep them from becoming old too fast, it is good to invest in printing with durable materials. Usually, the thickest materials will work best in making the color flyer though. Beyond that, a healthy coating of glossy and water resistant paper should help make its life longer. This can add to the printing cost of flyers but it should help your flyers be powerfully competitive on the market.

� Extensive and targeted deployment locations � Being competitive also includes being extensive and targeted with the deployment. I say extensive because you will want to cover as wide an area as you can with your deployment to get the most number of people reading them. I also say targeted because you will want to deploy first to the possible areas where your target readers hang out or pass by. If you are both extensive and targeted with your deployment of marketing flyers, you should be as competitive as you will ever be with your campaign.

� Repeating deployment strategy � Lastly, a marketing campaign needs a repeating deployment strategy to be competitive. It is not enough to just give them all out in one day. You should always try to repeat the deployment every so often so that you can reinforce your message and convince reluctant potential customers to respond to your message. So always plan to redeploy at least two or three more times for a more competitive flyer marketing campaign.

Therefore, that is how you can be competitive. Try these tips out. Good Luck!

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Wrought Iron Furniture Wrought iron furniture is among the most elegant styles of furniture that you can have today. Especially if you are keen to buy some outdoor or patio furniture, wrought iron is the best choice. Whether as simple household furniture or as a collector�s item, wrought iron furniture has a unique place. It is very classy in style, durable and design friendly Louis Vuitton Thanksgiving Day. Some maintenance can enhance the life and usability of the furniture. Interested to know more? Read on.The Benefits of Wrought Iron FurnitureDurability and weather resistance are the two best aspects of wrought iron furniture. Besides this, it is forever in style, has an elegant look and, in general, matches almost every kind of house style. You can find wrought iron furniture suitable for modern as well as antique and old-fashioned d�cor.Wrought iron furniture material is practically indestructible huanghaiyan902 More information please visit: www.onlinebagclub.com. Furniture made out of wrought iron can hold any weight and size without being even slightly damaged.The Properties of Wrought Iron FurnitureThe word �wrought� is derived from the old past tense of the verb �to work�. Therefore wrought iron can best be described as iron that has been worked. In chemical terms, furniture made out of wrought iron has lower than 15 % iron content. It also contains some slag. Wrought iron is usually tough, malleable and can be easily welded. This property of the material makes wrought iron furniture durable, strong and able to be shaped into different designs. Wrought iron is usually corrosion resistant and, therefore, is ideal as outdoor or patio furniture.One of the major advantages of wrought iron furniture is that it can be transformed to give a different look. For example, if you simply throw a tablecloth over a wrought iron table, it has a more formal look. As soon as you remove it, the look becomes casual. Therefore, by simple innovative use of linen you can use your wrought iron furniture to transform the look of a room.Disadvantages of Wrought Iron FurnitureWrought iron furniture is often expensive. However, the advantages far outweigh this minor drawback. Yes, you have to pay more to buy wrought iron furniture. But, in the end, it is so long lasting and elegant that buying wrought iron furniture is worth the money. Usually molded into exquisite designs, the wrought iron pieces add an elegant look to any patio.Wrought iron furniture is also susceptible to environmental changes. Iron is a good conductor and so in chilly weather the wrought iron furniture can become too cold to touch. Again, they can become very hot in summer. Wrought iron furniture is also vulnerable to oxidation and therefore can often develop rust.Maintenance of Wrought Iron Patio FurnitureA little careful maintenance can ensure a long life for your wrought iron furniture. To make your wrought iron furniture weather resistant, you must paint it regularly. Once treated, you can leave it outside in winter. Have a good look at the finish when buying wrought iron furniture. If there are any cracks in the finish, get it touched up with paint Louis Vuitton Black Friday. Clean your wrought iron furniture with mild soap and water.Still waiting? Get your rooms dressed up today with designer wrought iron furniture and make a style statement.http://dorismassey3.myblog.de/dorismassey3/art/8637892/Watergifts-Tranquility-And-Louis-Vuitton-Thanksgiving-Day-Peace-In-Your-Home-by-Wyatt-Fisk

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Water, Water Everywhere on the Waterfront! Waterfront living is among the most desirable of locations in our area. The views and vistas are fantastic, not to mention the ability to walk out one's door to drop a line to fish or untie a line to enjoy boating. However, all this joy is not without some special concerns.The most common fear heard from waterfront homebuyers is their concern that the river may rise and roll into their home. While it is not an impossible scenario, it is truly rare huanghaiyan902 More information please visit: www.onlinebagclub.com. More often than not, the water that posses the greatest risk to the waterfront home is not from the river, but rather from the water flowing overland toward the river.Always remember that the river is the place that all water flows to. How a particular home is oriented to or obstructs the flow of water moving toward the river determines how dry the house remains. And for many homes in is not just how dry it is in the home, but also under the home.The majority of water that affects the home is the surface water flowing toward the river. The volume of water can be in the thousands of gallons per hour during a heavy shower. If the grade of the lot is not proper, this can mean thousands of gallons of water in or under the home.So, when looking at waterfront property, enjoy the view over the water, but be sure to look inland to be sure that your experience with water front living won't be with water in the living room Louis Vuitton Thanksgiving Day!But what should you do after you've experienced a flooded home? There is hope! Your home and its contents may look damaged beyond repair, but many items can be restored. There is a high probability that by acting quickly, your flooded home can be cleaned up, dried out, rebuilt, and reoccupied sooner than you think.After your home has been flooded, play it safe. Always seek professional help. And while in the midst of cleaning and repairing, consider your preparation for the future. The American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests the following steps if your home has been flooded:Take Care of Yourself First - Protect yourself and your family from stress, fatigue, and health hazards that follow a flood. Give Your Home First Aid - Once it is safe to go back in, protect your home and contents from further damage. Get Organized - Some things are not worth repairing and some things may be too complicated or expensive for you to do by yourself. A recovery plan can take these things into account and help you make the most of your time and money. Dry Out Your Home - Floodwaters damage materials, leave mud, silt and unknown contaminants, and promote the growth of mildew. You need to dry your home to reduce these hazards and the damage they cause. Restore the Utilities - The rest of your work will be much easier if you have heat, electricity, clean water, and sewage disposal. Clean Up - The walls, floors, closets, shelves, contents and any other flooded parts of your home should be thoroughly washed and disinfected. Check on Financial Assistance - Voluntary agencies, businesses, insurance, and government disaster programs can help you through recovery. Rebuild and Flood-proof - Take your time to rebuild correctly and make improvements that will protect your building from damage by the next flood. Prepare for the Next Flood - Protect yourself from the next flood with flood insurance, a flood response plan, and community flood protection programs. This step also includes sources to go to for additional assistance. For more information on repairing your home after a flood, please visit www.redcross.org.Many people highly prize waterfront living, and find it a deeply fulfilling experience. Knowing what to look for when choosing waterfront property will make your life on the water easier and more rewarding. Choose and plan wisely - it's about knowing! Louis Vuitton Black Fridayhttp://dorismassey3.myblog.de/dorismassey3/art/8637664/Tickle-Your-Senses-With-www-onlinebagclub-com-Yankee-Candles-

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Tiffany Lamps in the Modern World by Kathryn Dawson  
Tiffany lamps are simple lamps made with the use of stained glass to produce alluring colours and patterns. These lamps get their name from the famous painter, Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was born in New York and lived during 1848-1933. During his illustrious carrier as an appreciator and creator of modern art, he started experimenting with glass. Some of his first master pieces with coloured stained glass still exist in various churches in America. With the leftover material, he devised various lamps, which would later come to be known as the original Tiffany lamps. These lamps are in much demand, even till this day, with some even going for millions of dollars in the black market.

The original designs by Tiffany were beautiful to look at but were not fully equipped to fulfill all the modern needs of an average British household. This is why some of the leading lighting product vendors have taken on the task of augmenting the original designs and molding them to suit everyday needs Louis Vuitton Thanksgiving Day. Some have even gone ahead to create Tiffany lamp designs of their own, providing a wider catalog to the user to choose from.

Designs that Set Tiffany Lamps Apart  

Tiffany lamps are made by soldering several different lighting fixtures together. This is done in such a way that no bump of any sort is visible. Any oddity in the surface and the lamp becomes worthless. Some of the most popular designs are:

� Designs that make heavy usage of geometric patterns like triangles, diamonds, squares and rectangles, often using only one or two different colours.

� Some of the designs are in the shape of a floral dome with a whole array of colours draping and rounding up the dome to form designs like the bamboo, apple blossom, Oriental poppy and the dragonfly.

� Designs made through the use of symmetrical floral designs to form flowered cones.

� One of the most popular designs is called the Wisteria design. Here, the lamp is designed in such a way as to resemble a wisteria tree with the lampshade crafted to look like limbs blossoming out.

Decorating the House with Tiffany Lamps

Any home that has a Tiffany lamp shows that the people living in it actually take pride in the way their home looks and are appreciators of beauty. Besides being a source of illumination, these lamps bring with them elegance and flair. For example, one of them hanging over the pool table will not only allow proper illumination, it will add style to the area. Similarly, a floor lamp of this variety can be placed in the corner of a room, creating an elegant feel without taking up vital walking space huanghaiyan902 More information please visit: www.onlinebagclub.com.

Probably the most sought after format is the table top lamp. Such a piece can be placed anywhere in the house to enhance the surroundings. This makes them the perfect companion for bedside posts and dining tables.  

Bathroom Lighting with Tiffany Lamps  

Bathroom lighting has become a very important aspect in the whole interior designing process. Tiffany lamps provide a very viable solution in this case. However, in the bathroom setting, only the ceiling or wall hanging designs can be effectively used. Using them becomes even more important if the lamps have been used elsewhere in the house as well. This helps in creating a unique theme for the whole house.

Using Low Energy Lighting for Tiffany Lamps  

Tiffany lamps can be made energy efficient with the use of low energy lighting products. Being made of glass, these lamps do not hinder the light emitted from the light source. This way the user can experiment with bulbs that do not emit too bright a light. This will also help to protect both the environment as well as your pocket Louis Vuitton Black Friday.

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