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In the summer cooling down and having fun in a pool is a favourite pastime of many. However, not many people have a yard that is big enough for a swimming pool so an inflatable paddling pool is a great alternative.

Not only are they a lot cheaper than a swimming pool but they are also more flexible in where you can place them and of course you can take them down when they are not needed.

For children choose paddling pool. These don't take up a lot of room and you can get them branded with your kid's favourite TV or cartoon characters post by haiyan902. Some come with attachments like water sprayers and you could also add some inflatable toys and balls for even more fun. Also available are pools with shades to keep your children out of the glare of the hot sun.

For older kids and adults much larger pools are available. Some of these have rigid sides rather than being inflatable and are known as above ground swimming pools and are big enough for the whole family to enjoy.

When choosing your inflatable paddling pool you firstly need to consider the size and make sure you have space outdoors to put it as well as somewhere to store it in the winter months. Make sure it is made from a durable fabric and has reinforced layers. Most pools will come with a puncture repair kit.

These pools, generally referred to as above ground pools, are now offered in a range of sizes from several major global brands. Two of the most well known are Bestway and Intex. They have a selection of pools which range from the shallow 8ft diameter pool right up to deep pools over 20ft long. Shapes are slightly limited but are on the increase. Currently round, oval, square and rectangular pools are the norm. Most of these shapes can be found in both of the two most popular styles of above ground pool. These are the metal framed pools where the pool is situated in a metal frame. These pools can often be left up all year round and are the more robust type of pool. The other style has an inflatable ring around the top of the pool. This is inflated prior to filling. It acts as a float on the water and ensures that the top pf the pool stays above the water line. Both of the brands mentioned above also offer a hybrid of the two types of pool. Usually this hybrid can be found in Louis Vuitton outlet!

the oval shaped pools. The larger pools are effectively as big as the in ground equivalents that many people would install if they could afford them.

You will also need to buy a pump to inflate the pool with and you may want to consider a cover so that you can leave the water in your pool without it becoming contaminated.

Remember that safety is of the utmost importance where children and water is concerned. Always make sure and adult is near when children are playing in your pool. And follow the instructions that come with your inflatable pool to make sure it is constructed properly Louis Vuitton handbags.

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