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The Joy Of Opening A Balikbayan Box by Timothy Gomez Sending "Balikbayan" boxes to the Philippines has been tradition for a lot of Filipinos that live outside of the Philippines. Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs are among those that benefit from these kinds of boxes. So what is the difference of typical package from a Balikbayan box? Actually, there isn't anything very special about the box, the only thing that makes this very special for the Filipinos is it's economical value.Usually, these boxes carry multiple items from household needs such as tissues, drinking glasses, cooking utensils, toiletries, to non-perishable foods, electronics, toys, designer clothing, or items hard to find in the Philippines. Now sending these items individually could cost a lot, but sending it in a large box would only cost a fraction of the total cost of sending it individually. The only problem of sending it this way is a long transit time by container ships, typically taking several weeks, and the lack of a solid delivery date. Though there are some companies that offer Isabel Marant sneakers sale faster delivery of their balikbayan boxes, particularly with LBC.Another reason for its popularity is that a balikbayan box intended for air travel is designed to conform to airline luggage restrictions and many Filipino stores carry them. Some boxes come with a cloth cover and side handles. Others are tightly secured with tape or rope, and thus not confused with an ordinary moving box more lightly wrapped.As said above, many Filipino stores sell these kinds of boxes, but there are some courier isabel marant companies that also sells these kinds of boxes. One popular box used by many Filipinos are those coming from LBC. Being the respected leader LBC is for offering fast and reliable delivery of balikbayan boxes to the philippines and Money Remittance service throughout the country, they have also come to provide these kinds of boxes for Filipinos.But the main attraction that made these kinds of boxes popular is because of post by haiyan.net what's inside it. For years, it has been a cultural expectation that returning travelers or OFWs will bring gifts, commonly brought through these boxes, to their family, friends and colleagues left behind in the Philippines. In this way, it is related to the practice of "pasalubong".Visit the website  

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