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The Laserlyte Lift??The First True Non-Surgical Face Lift by Brooke Seckel - ArticleCity.com Nearly everyone over 30 years old sees wrinkles, loose skin and other signs of facial aging staring back at them in the mirror. Many would like to have a fresher younger looking face but no one wants to have plastic surgery. In recent years technological advances such as Botox? Restylane? Radiesse? and new Lasers, IPL and skin tightening machines like Thermage? Titan? LuxIR? and Aluma? have improved the plastic surgeons ability to rejuvenate the face non-surgically, but none have been able to deliver the often promised 搉on-surgical face-lift.?The best results have achieved about a 30 % tightening of the facial skin. Dramatic results have been achieved in 搘rinkle removal?when proper techniques have been applied, but true lifting or tightening of the facial skin has been modest at bestThe new LaserLyte Lift?promises to achieve a much more significant rejuvenation and lifting of the face with a new non-surgical multi-modality technique three phase procedure which not only tightens the facial skin but also removes wrinkles and other aging changes on the surface of the skin梐ll achieved non-surgically with minimal or no down time.This new non-surgical high tech procedure is based on the theory that all of the skin layers must be treated and rejuvenated to accomplish true facial rejuvenation and is based on the principles of the 6-step facial rejuvenation program?outlined in my book 揝ave Your Face-The Revolutionary 6-Step Facial Rejuvenation Program.The important changes in the facial skin which lead to an aged appearance occur predominantly in 3 layers-the epidermis or outer layer that you see in the mirror, and two deeper layers-the superficial and the deep dermis梩he pink part of your skin you see when you scrape your knee.As we age, the sun抯 UV rays, and other age related factors damage all 3 layers of the skin. We see these changes in the form of wrinkles, brown spots and dry skin-changes in the Epidermis or outer layer. However the major changes causing wrinkles and sagging skin is damage to the 2 deeper layers of the dermis.The result of aging changes in both layers of the dermis is the loss of collagen. Collagen plumps the skin and gives the skin its tone and elasticity post by haiyan902. When we lose collagen from the dermis the skin loses volume and becomes wrinkled-the same way a plum turns into a prune when it loses water after drying. In addition when we lose collagen we lose elasticity, the skin does not snap back when we pull on it and release it, and the skin sags.The key to non-surgical facial rejuvenation or a non-surgical face-lift is to remove the superficial aging changes form the superficial epidermis and restore new collagen and thus volume and elasticity to both the superficial and deep layers of the dermisContemporary non-surgical methods such as laser, IPL, Radiofrequency (Aluma? Thermage?, and Infrared (LuxIR? Titan?) energies are capable of treating the surface of the skin and the deep dermis, but do not treat the middle layer of the dermis and thus cannot achieve complete non-surgical rejuvenation or a non-surgical face-lift.New technology has finally enabled us to treat the middle skin layer-the upper dermis and stimulate new collagen regeneration in this layer using a 1540 fractionated erbium laser made by Palomar, with minimal or no down time. Thus we are now able to treat all three skin layers affected by aging, removing surface irregularities such as wrinkles, brown spots, and dry skin, and restoring collagen and thus plumping volume and elasticity to the middle and deep skin layers.Thus we can achieve a true non-surgical facial rejuvenation or non-surgical face-lift for the first time addressing all three layers of the aged skin.This procedure is called the LaserLyte Lift?because Laser and other forms of light (lyte) energy are used to treat the three skin layers Louis Vuitton bags. The procedure takes time, as it requires multiple treatments scheduled several weeks apart over a time course of several months. However the results are striking-you can see them and believe them梱ou don抰 have to try to convince yourself that they are there as you have with so many 搈iracle wrinkle cures Louis Vuitton?you have tried in the past.The LaserLyte Lift?involves three treatment protocols or phases.Phase I begins with the important first 2 steps of the 6-step program? deep exfoliation and stimulation of new collagen growth near the surface of the skin. This phase removes wrinkles, brown spots and restores the skins shiny glow. This is the LaserLyte Peel?achieved with the Lumenis Active Fx laser. This peel is performed with a topical skin anesthetic, takes 25 minutes, and leaves you pink for 4-5 days. Some people only need one peel others may need 2 or 3.These peels are scheduled 6-8 weeks apart.Phase II-which is painless and involves no down time begins about 4weeks after your first LaserLyte Peel and is the start of your skin tightening regimen through stimulation of new collagen growth in the deep dermal layer by the application of Infrared or other energy which penetrates through the epidermis and superficial dermis to the deep dermis, to restore collagen and elasticity and tighten the facial skin Louis Vuitton Canada. Treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart and at least 4 sessions are required.The start of Phase III, mid dermal collagen stimulation, which involves no pain and minimal pinkness for a few hours only, using the 1540 or similar effective wavelength starts at a variable timetable depending on how many LaserLyte Peels you need. If you only need one peel Phase 3 can begin as early as 2-3 months and be alternated with Phase 2 at 2-week intervals. If you need 3 LaserLyte Peels then Phase 3 will not begin until 5-6 months.While the LaserLyte Lift?takes time it is the only method of facial rejuvenation to actively treat all three layers of the skin and thus the only method to achieve effective facial rejuvenation non-surgically. In fact, the LaserLyte Lift?achieves more thorough facial rejuvenation than a surgical face-lift. A surgical face-lift only tightens the skin, after a surgical face-lift you have tight 搊ld?skin. The LaserLyte Lift?renews and rejuvenates all three skin layers, thus when you are finished your face truly looks younger, and remember, you are avoiding surgery and its dangers and discomfort. More importantly you are achieving true facial rejuvenation with wrinkle removal and new collagen, which plumps and tightens your skin to a truly youthful appearance.As technology advances we undoubtedly will be able to achieve results is less time. However at present the LaserLyte Lift is the only method for rejuvenation of all three skin layers and it takes several months to achieve a good result.For some people with very severe aging plastic surgery will be the best option, either in the form of a face-lift or laser resurfacing or both.But for the vast majority of my patients who I see daily in my practice the LaserLyte Lift?is an excellent way to achieve true facial rejuvenation without surgery a real 搉on-surgical?face-lift, with results you can see. No face cream, diet, laser, IPL, or other technology alone can achieve as good a result.If you start before you have severe aging changes you will likely never need to have a face-lift.


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