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Are You Doing Work That Is Equal to Your Dollar Value Per Hour by Pamelina Siow  
Just recently, I went to Bali and met a very interesting man. He is Arthur Carmazzi. This man opened my eyes to the power of outsourcing.

He services the world in terms of corporate training, online training material and videos. He owns 4 to 5 websites and lives in Bali. He contracts a team of 8 Balinese employees whom he pays $200 each a month.

Imagine just how much he is profiting just from the currency conversion? He earns in global currency while he pays $200 x 8 = $1,600 per month Louis Vuitton outlet. And his websites will blow you away.

Meeting him made me realize the importance of outsourcing correctly. I have observed that there are businessmen who insist on managing every detail of their online business. They wind up doing trivial work when they should have been concentrating on the more important aspect of their business, generating sales post by haiyan902.

In this article, I will address two questions:

1) What to outsource?

When deciding on what to outsource, there is a need to consider opportunity costs in terms of value and mental benefits. If you could spend 1 hour, contacting a prospect and creating a potential sale versus updating a website (when it can be outsourced to a website designer cheaply). It becomes easy as decide.

These are the questions you should ask yourself before attempting any work:

* Can I outsource this to someone else who can do a better job and at a lower cost?

* Are there other activities more worthy of my creativity and attention?

* Can I take this time off to chill and refresh myself for bigger ideas, rather than completing an administrative task?

If you said Yes to even one of the above questions, then you should think about outsourcing. Outsourcing will enable you to focus more on bringing in more value to your company and smartly manage the more important things.

2) How to outsource?

Now, if you have decided to outsource your work. What are the steps to outsource it?

* Write down your expected results of the task

* Write down the timeline, job description and expected quality of the task

* Go to or to find a suitable virtual assistant or hire an expert in the field who you trust

* Email them your results, timeline, job description and expected quality of the task

* If possible, show them a template before starting

* Ask them if they have any additional questions. (As in some countries, they are uncomfortable to ask any questions, double check before proceeding)

* Set milestones and check on the progress of the work

After observing the successful and not so successful people, I realize that successful people do the RIGHT THINGS FIRST. Everyone has 24 hours and how you manage your time determines how successful you are.

I wish you luck and hope that you can start outsourcing to allow you to bring more value to your company. Successful business people get the time to enjoy their good fortune because they choose to outsource correctly what isn't worth their dollar value per hour.

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