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Tiffany Lamps in the Modern World by Kathryn Dawson  
Tiffany lamps are simple lamps made with the use of stained glass to produce alluring colours and patterns. These lamps get their name from the famous painter, Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was born in New York and lived during 1848-1933. During his illustrious carrier as an appreciator and creator of modern art, he started experimenting with glass. Some of his first master pieces with coloured stained glass still exist in various churches in America. With the leftover material, he devised various lamps, which would later come to be known as the original Tiffany lamps. These lamps are in much demand, even till this day, with some even going for millions of dollars in the black market.

The original designs by Tiffany were beautiful to look at but were not fully equipped to fulfill all the modern needs of an average British household. This is why some of the leading lighting product vendors have taken on the task of augmenting the original designs and molding them to suit everyday needs Louis Vuitton Thanksgiving Day. Some have even gone ahead to create Tiffany lamp designs of their own, providing a wider catalog to the user to choose from.

Designs that Set Tiffany Lamps Apart  

Tiffany lamps are made by soldering several different lighting fixtures together. This is done in such a way that no bump of any sort is visible. Any oddity in the surface and the lamp becomes worthless. Some of the most popular designs are:

� Designs that make heavy usage of geometric patterns like triangles, diamonds, squares and rectangles, often using only one or two different colours.

� Some of the designs are in the shape of a floral dome with a whole array of colours draping and rounding up the dome to form designs like the bamboo, apple blossom, Oriental poppy and the dragonfly.

� Designs made through the use of symmetrical floral designs to form flowered cones.

� One of the most popular designs is called the Wisteria design. Here, the lamp is designed in such a way as to resemble a wisteria tree with the lampshade crafted to look like limbs blossoming out.

Decorating the House with Tiffany Lamps

Any home that has a Tiffany lamp shows that the people living in it actually take pride in the way their home looks and are appreciators of beauty. Besides being a source of illumination, these lamps bring with them elegance and flair. For example, one of them hanging over the pool table will not only allow proper illumination, it will add style to the area. Similarly, a floor lamp of this variety can be placed in the corner of a room, creating an elegant feel without taking up vital walking space huanghaiyan902 More information please visit: www.onlinebagclub.com.

Probably the most sought after format is the table top lamp. Such a piece can be placed anywhere in the house to enhance the surroundings. This makes them the perfect companion for bedside posts and dining tables.  

Bathroom Lighting with Tiffany Lamps  

Bathroom lighting has become a very important aspect in the whole interior designing process. Tiffany lamps provide a very viable solution in this case. However, in the bathroom setting, only the ceiling or wall hanging designs can be effectively used. Using them becomes even more important if the lamps have been used elsewhere in the house as well. This helps in creating a unique theme for the whole house.

Using Low Energy Lighting for Tiffany Lamps  

Tiffany lamps can be made energy efficient with the use of low energy lighting products. Being made of glass, these lamps do not hinder the light emitted from the light source. This way the user can experiment with bulbs that do not emit too bright a light. This will also help to protect both the environment as well as your pocket Louis Vuitton Black Friday.

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