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Alien Children in our Midst by Saundra L. Washington D post by haiyan902.D. -  
Some families because of the demands made upon them by being the head of households, some because of the price that hard times entails, others caught up in the conflict of these times are being torn asunder. The result is that often and for their protection, children, are forced from all that they know and love, and taken away to live in out of home placements.

These children are under tremendous distress and despair and these two forces take there toil on the very entity of their souls.

Foster children are engaged in an invisible war just trying to survive, trying to live in an adult world that has abused and hurt them very badly. Whether the child came from the most dilapidate ghetto or the most well kept neighbor, none of them are immune from the horror and terror imposed on them by being removed, and often suddenly, from all that they knew.  

These experiences have a way of negatively changing childrens outlook on life. For many, life has become dull and meaningless Louis Vuitton Canada. They suffer from spiritual inertia. I have witnessed children who were paralyzed by destroyed beliefs and shackled by the strong chains of discouragement. Manipulated by the system, bad news, bad relationships, bad experiences, and bad everything; the tension builds up and becomes too great. They become like a rubber band that has been stretched and stretched until it can no longer yield its flexibility. And unless, caring foster parents intervene, they will snap under the load. Foster children are overwhelmed by external problems, difficulties, and grief.  

Not only are they assaulted externally, but many of our children have fears within. They have not only lost confidence in their families, lost confidence in this world, lost confidence in the system, but far too many have lost confidence in themselves. They hold themselves responsible, are worried, confused and frustrated. A cloud of anxiety floats around in their mental sky. Is it any wonder that many of them grow up maladjusted, become gang members, or exhibit other anti-social behaviors?

Many foster children, in their effort to avoid their new reality and to cope with their despair, have built up walls; psychological walls, the invisible walls they create to protect themselves and separate themselves from that which is too painful.

I am reminded of Psalm 137 which describes a time of exile for the Hebrew people held prisoners far from home. Judah had been invaded by the superpower Babylon. They had been crushed under siege and their beloved Jerusalem had been destroyed. The surviving Judean people had been taken by force to the homeland of the victorious Babylonian army. In Babylon, the children of Israel were forced to sing hymns and religious songs in their strange language. But overcome by their losses, they asked, How shall we sing the Lords song in a foreign land? The same can be said for foster children.  

Foster children are a band of exiles; like the children of Israel, they are forced from everything they were familiar with and placed in an environment that is as strange as a foreign land. They sleep in strange beds, live in a strange house with people they do not know. With so much of what was once known being supplanted by the unknown, foster children, in a very real sense, find themselves aliens in a strange land and overcome by their losses, wonder how they can sing in a foreign land.

Foster children are far from home, their very lives at risk with no clear end in sight. They wait and watch not knowing what to hope for or whether they should even hope at all Louis Vuitton.  

Anthony Storr in The World of Children wrote, How ignominious it is to be a child; to be so small that you can be picked up, and moved about at the whim of others, to be fed or not to be fed, to be cleaned or to be left dirty, made happy or left to cry. It is surely so ultimate an indignity that it is not surprising that some of us [foster children] never fully recover from it.

Foster Parents DO make a difference!

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Mom's Car Stereo Do you remember the car stereo days of youth - windows down, hair wildly blowing and the radio blaring the latest and greatest musical hit? Depending on which friend was with me at the time, my in-dash could be playing dance, hip hop or even heavy metal. But no matter which music was selected, the purpose of volume was to drown out your own exuberant impressions of the coolest music sensations. With all the pleasure that my melodic actions used to bring me, I have to wonder what has happened to my car stereo.In my transition to motherhood my stereo has also taken on a new life. I find myself usually working with two options, the first of which is talk radio. Now, I need to tell you that I have never intentionally strived to be an intellect. I did what I needed to get by, but generally to me, ignorance was bliss and anything that required a logical conversation seemed boring and stifling to my spirit. Then I had kids and took on the career of a full-time, at-home mom. When you go from constant adult interaction to negotiating and teaching your children, it is no longer impressive and a sign of intelligence to use big words or rational reasoning. In fact, a simple four to five word sentence is typical protocol for conversing with a baby, and toddler-hood only merits a few more jabs in your vocabularys database. And in conversing with either, you must speak slowly, purposefully and with wide-eyed emphasis. This is why I absorb talk radio reaching back toward adult discussion. Sure, I get together with other moms here and again, but even that is not necessarily the appropriate place to hear views on politics, social issues or even current headline news. After all, a difference of opinion could make the rest of the playdate a little awkward, even well after changing the subject. Talk radio, on the other hand, offers complex viewpoints and even the opportunity to phone in and recapture some of that assertive argument skill that put you at the head of your debate class. Radio option number one is the chance to use perception and feel adult in dialogue again.Now option number two was not initially so much my idea. Cutesy, bouncy rhythms and rhymes, clever lyrics about cake and bubbles, pirates and fish are actually the forte of my children Louis Vuitton Canada. When I was first introduced to this music, I mentally tuned it out. It rated right up there with the whining and bickering between the two little brothers that ride in the back of my car. I made sure songs like Hip Hip Hippopotamus were turned completely off when my cell phone rang, out of the embarrassment that it could bestow upon me. I also postponed using the strategy of playing these children cassettes until my kids had reached their threshold of unpleasantness, and then I would allow myself sufferance through another chorus of Happiness Cake. Butand this is really oddsomewhere along the line I began to sing along! This option of music not only soothed my crying toddler and amused my kindergartner, but it also entertained their once rigid and narrow-minded mother post by haiyan902. I began to listen for the slapstick background sound effects and even sang on key with fervent interest about a barnacle on my toe. It took me awhile, but now we all sing along to the same music, over and overand over again. (Even more funny is hearing my husband at his computer belting out a line or two of Ach-oooo! followed by obscenities for the powers that be to get it out of his head.) And after about the 400th time of listening pleasure, I may even break down and buy yet another amusing childrens CD or cassette.The truth is that I must face the fact that music is also an area of compromise when you have little ones. Baby proofing the house, eating well balanced meals, purchasing shirts and pants for little ones before my self and even choosing the right pets are the basics, but details such as a moms stereo also slowly progress to fill in the cracks of what used to be. And sure, someday I will be riding in my car by myself again and at that time maybe I can pump up the volume for old times sake. Maybe Ill even choose the raucous sound of electric guitars, and if someone would like to object to the middle-aged crazy lady for doing that, well Ill just temporarily adopt that rebellious teenage attitude as well and shout whatever! as I drive off into the warm sunny day.

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Internet Marketing Seminars: Prepare to Meet Your Mentor During my early twenties, while stationed in the frigid northern Canadian town of Timmins, Ontario, I took a number of University of Waterloo correspondence courses, with the hope of earning my degree and a way out of that frozen wasteland. Did I learn a lot? Absolutely! Did I benefit from the information? Again, absolutely! What would you like to know about Christaller's 'Central Place' theory? Did I get my degree Louis Vuitton outlet? Errr?no, I did not. For me, the distance learning process was difficult and sorely lacking. I found it hard to motivate and discipline myself to study on my own schedule. After listening to an audio-taped lecture, I couldn't simply raise my hand to get answers to my questions. Indeed, who were those people who were spouting their infinite wisdom? Were they graduate students, or bonafide experts with practical experience in their field? Getting feedback on submitted assignments took weeks by snail mail. There were no other students with whom to share ideas and concerns. More importantly, where were the rabble-rousing all-night parties that were supposed to be part of my University experience? On-campus university students usually take 4 or 5 courses per semester to earn a degree in 3 or 4 years, but a correspondence student with a full-time job is hard-pressed to complete just 2 courses per semester. Taking ten years to complete one degree wasn't likely to impress potential employers in the Sunny South. All in all, I felt like I was going to freeze to death in the vacuum of distance learning post by haiyan902. Trying to build a successful Internet or affiliate marketing business by studying ebooks is a little bit like trying to earn a business degree by correspondence. Sure, you can do it, and I highly recommend that you take advantage of all educational material relevant to your online ventures. However, while some students do very well with distance education, most of us learn faster and more easily when we can see and hear our teachers, and get answers to our questions as they come up. For example, how many books would you have to read to equal the value of two or three days of multi-media presentations, on a variety of related topics, in an environment where you can ask questions and exchange ideas with both teachers and students? Three, four - even five? How long would it take you to read five books? A week? A month? More? No, really. You're a busy person. You've probably got a full-time job, a family, friends, a home to take care of and other pressing obligations. After spending 10 hours commuting to and from work, 40 hours at work, 49 hours sleeping, 20 hours with your family and friends, 15 hours eating, 7 hours maintaining your home and another 10 hours maintaining your muscles; there's not much time left in the week to do your 'required reading' ? IF you have the discipline. And have you ever met the person who wrote the ebook that you're currently reading about copywriting? Do they really practice what they preach? Wouldn't you rather learn marketing, sales, and copywriting strategies first-hand from self-made millionaires who use those same techniques everyday; than from 'pick and shovel sellers' who sell only money-making guides? Instead of spending months and months learning on your own, what if you could spend just two or three days at a seminar learning about every topic that is important to you as an Internet entrepreneur? How much more quickly would your business become profitable? The truth is that 'pick and shovel sellers' don't and can't speak at seminars because they can't answer your tough questions?and you need answers to your tough questions. Do you ever wonder, "How do I build a huge opt-in list?" "How do I find Super Affiliates to promote my online business?" "What does it take to become a super affiliate?" "Which search engine optimization strategies work best?" "What tools do successful Internet marketers really use in their businesses?" "Are there easy ways to find a profitable niche or make money using pay-per-click advertising?" You can get all of your questions answered in the space of a weekend. All you have to do is show up, listen and ask. Probably more than the copious amounts of great information that you'll take away from a seminar, is how inspired you will feel after hearing 'ordinary' people tell their extraordinary success stories. There is incredible power and motivation that comes from meeting self-made millionaires in person and being able to see that they are as 'real' as you or I. Learning that they too worked hard, made mistakes, and yet achieved the dream of true financial freedom will fuel a fire within you that burns long after the seminar is over. Meeting your mentors and making friends at these events is another valuable benefit. How great would it be to just pick up the phone and talk with someone who understands your business? Can you do that now? Attending a seminar isn't cheap, however. It often costs several hundred to a couple thousand dollars just to get in the door, and that doesn't include your airfare or accommodation. Though in many cases, you should be able to write off those expenses against your future earnings. If you're worried about the price of going to a seminar, consider what Nigel Botterill of Solihull, West Midlands, U.K. had to say about his experience during and after attending one of Yanik Silver's seminars. "I came across from the UK for the event knowing nothing about 'Information Marketing'...I want you to know just how bloody useful the whole thing was. I'm very grateful to you for putting it all together. Within five weeks of the event I had launched my first product. "Within nine months of the event, using the techniques and tips that I learned from all the fantastic speakers at your Birthday Bash, I have generated well over one million dollars in sales from that single product. It has been incredible. All this with no previous experience - just the education I got from three days in Florida! "I've closed down my 'old' business, changed my entire way of life, and am having so much fun. "Scary to think how different things would be if I hadn't 'taken the plunge' and booked on your event..."So, will YOU earn a million dollars from your fledgling Internet business in the next nine months, or even just a few thousand? Or will you still be struggling to figure out how to build your first web site? That's entirely up to you. But if you want to put yourself on a fast-track to success, attend a weekend seminar and meet your mentor today! © Copyright Rosalind Gardner, All Rights Reserved.

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How to Find a Babysitter or Nanny in Your Area by Doreen Lee  
At some point, youre going to need the services of a good babysitter in your area to take care of your children. Whether it is to take the afternoon or night off from parenting duties or to stay longer at the office to attend to work, the services of a reliable caregiver are indispensable for a busy parent like you. So how do you go about searching for a reliable nanny in your locale? Here are a few tips for you to consider.

Ask your family and friends

If youre lucky enough to live near family, you can enlist their help in babysitting for an afternoon. Your parents or siblings will probably be more than glad to spend some time with your child. You can even alternate with different relatives if you all live in the same area. Teenage children of relatives can also be enlisted to babysit especially if they are looking for extra spending money post by haiyan902. Otherwise, you can also ask if they can refer you to babysitters or nannies in the area whom you can contact.

Go through the neighborhood

You can also ask your neighbors and friends for referrals to trustworthy caregivers in your area. They may also have a teenage child who could use the extra money and is willing to babysit for an afternoon or two. The good thing about entrusting your child to a teenage babysitter in the neighborhood is that you know his or her parents and youre assured that they are just located nearby, should the babysitter run into problems while youre away.

The community babysitting cooperative

Surely youre not the only parent looking for a reliable babysitter in your area. Youre bound to come across several others in your neighborhood going over the same problem so you might as well form a babysitting circle with them. Putting up a babysitting cooperative or joining one in your area is a good idea to get someone to look after your children on a regular basis. You can simply return the favor by looking after someone elses kid later on.

Go to a nearby school

Visit your local high school or community college Louis Vuitton. Youre bound to find a lot of responsible students looking to earn extra funds through a babysitting job. If there are colleges near you that offer child development or education courses, you want to find students who are taking up these majors as they would be suitable candidates. You can go through campus bulletin boards as students are more likely to announce their services there. You can also ask for referrals from professors or the schools guidance services.

Through a babysitting agency

A local babysitting agency will also be able to help you find a nanny in your area. You can check your local paper for classified ad listings or your phone book to directly contact an agency. You may need to pay an additional fee with an agency to get matched with a sitter according to your preferences. But they do handle all the background checks so youre at least assured that youre getting credible candidates.


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